Seniors are graduating, many of them with class rings on their fingers. But after summer most rings come off -- you begin a real world job where no one ever wears their high school class ring -- or you go off to college, where it's uncool to where a high school ring.  Frank and I talked about this very thing this morning with The Morning Crew.  I lost mine, probably before I even graduated.  I do have a picture of it though, in my High School Yearbook.  (I was on the yearbook staff, and we needed Senior Ring pictures...tah dah, hand shot!)  I remember putting it in my jewelry box, but don't remember ever seeing it again.  I still have the jewelry box, so can't use the excuse that I lost that too!  Who knows!  Frank said that a batan twiller from MacArthur High School has his!  (He did mention not a current Twiller - Really?) 

So, if you are not a current Senior, do you know where your Senior Ring is?  Or, do you have a "funny thing happened to my Senior Ring" story?  Do Tell!