Today is As Young As You Feel Day!  A day we are encouraged to stop acting our chronological age and start acting happy.  That got me thinking...what age, or ages was I the happiest? Luckily, I didn't have to think too hard, there are so many!

Age 0-13 - Every time I went to my Grandma's house.  They had the coolest house with tile floors that would sweat, and got slippery in sock feet.  She read to us, and baked the best goodies and took us for walks in the woods behind her house.  Then she would help pick the stick-tights out when we got back!  I loved her so much!  She taught me to crochet, and my love of reading.

Age 16 - Of course, the Driver's License!  It took me two tries to pass the parallel parking on the actual driver test, but was well worth it.  (Didn't even matter that I have to drive a '69 Plymouth Fury that was as long as a boat!)

Age 17 - High School Graduation!  Proud Wolverine from Lawton High School!  No, not telling you the year...remember, it's as young as you feel!

Age 24 - Birth of my precious daughter Whitney!  She was the best baby, and is still the greatest person and best bud for her Momma.  Her Birthday was/is the coldest day in history on that day in December!  My Momma and Daddy and sister Denise drove me to the hospital at 2am on ice that was an inch and a half thick.  Crazy times...I can still hear my Dad, saying, "it's gonna be OK sook"  (I was the first Sookie by the way!).  Not sure if he was convincing me or him,  It took thirty minutes to make it two miles that morning.  By the time my husband made it in from Illinois, his daughter was already here wrapped in her pink handi-wipe!  Yes, they used to use those look alikes for babies back then!  Am I dating my self yet?

Age 28 - Can not leave out the birth of my second child, my baby boy Tyler.  I shared with you a couple of weeks ago that we had some problems with the last two weeks of that pregnancy, and I was hospitalized for both of those.  Lots of time to reflect on the little one that was to be.  I am so proud of that boy!  (Ask Anyone!)  Another really happy day!

4 years ago - Mother of the Bride!  Time for that little bundle of pink to walk down the isle and marry her prince!  She was so beautiful in white and beads.  I think my face hurt from smiling so much.  One of my best days!

2 years ago - The day I finally realized my calling.  To be a Nana.  The day our little princess McKayla was born.  I was honored by Whitney and Tim to be in the delivery room to watch as McKayla came into the world.  Every day since, my heart thrills every time she says "Nana"!

2 months ago - Time for Little Lucas to make his appearance.  Lucas we were waiting for you!  Weighing in at nearly 8 pounds, not so little Lucas is completely different from McKayla, just like Whitney and Tyler were completely different.  Still such a happy day watching as a new life enters the world!

Right Now - Back on the Mornings at KLAW 101 with the Morning Crew.  I do love my life and I guess I would have to say that NOW is really my happiest time!

Do you have a favorite age?  Or an age when you were the happiest?  Let us know by giving us your comment!