I have to admit, I have had my Christmas decorations both ways.  Maybe it depends on what mood I am in that year.


Right now my lights are non-blinking, but I am not sure that is because I prefer it that way.  When I got my tree out of the box this year, (my pre-lit tree) only two sections of the tree were working.  I replaced bulbs that I could see had a visible burn out sign, but still I could not get the others to turn on.  So, like anyone with too little time, I just draped another couple of strands where the burned out ones go and proceeded to plug them in.  I even put the blinking bulb in as a replacement, but they still did not blink.  I think my tree will be a non-blinking tree by default!  I just gave up.

As you begin your holiday decorating, KLAW wants to know: