Have your heard the story of Val Patterson?  He is a guy from Utah who wrote his own obituary before he died.  In it, he confessed to stealing a safe from a drive-in and that his PhD was fake.  Family and friends had no idea that Patterson was living a lie.

I have heard of pre-planning your own funeral, but this is the first I have heard of writing your own obituary! It got me to thinking, what our KLAW staff would say if they were to write one line of their own obituary:

Frank Seres:


The road goes on forever...

Nancy Mace:


Nancy was an accomplished equestrian, but not skilled enough to survive that fall off the cliff.

Shotgun Steve Kelly:


When It came to music I could not sing… All I ask is that you buried my with my OSU Final 4 ring. GO POKES!

More members of our staff:
Critter: Having failed to unlock the mysteries of immortality...

Mary: She was loved by her church family

Carolena: She was a loving, kind person with a big heart!

When I was looking for some direction in writing my own obituary line, I found the coolest website featuring funny obits of fictional characters. I just laughed at the Betty Crocker obit! Really?

Are you wondering about me?  What would I say if I were to write my own obituary?  I would tend to make fun of myself, just like I do everyday, but honestly, I would wish that I be remembered as someone with a heart as big as the sky; who loved people more than things, and loyal to a fault.

What would you want people to remember about you?