Do you remember that old TV show with Bill Cosby, 'Kids Say The Darndest Things'?  I used to love that show.  The kids would come up with some of the funniest lines ever, and leave Bill Cosby almost speechless.

My family boasts a few of those pint sized comedians as well.  When my soldier boy, Tyler, was just a small boy, he had my church family in stitches as we walked from the 2nd row to the back of the church for a little discipline while he belted this out,  "Don't beat me Momma".  Of course I wasn't going to beat him, just give him a talking to, but after that remark, I was tempted!

Jeri Anderson

One of the sweetest things that I have ever heard though, was from my little 2 year old grand baby, McKayla.  I had been sick, and didn't get to see her or hold her for a few days, and the very next time she saw me, she said, "You feel all better, Nana?".  I told her that I did, and then she came up with the line that I will remember for the rest of my life.  "I gonna hold you Nana.  I not even gonna knock you on the ground!".  Like many 2 year olds, she equates holding with hugging and because she has a little brother, she sometimes hugs too hard, thus knocking him on the ground.  Insert tears here!  What a sweetie.

What is the sweetest, or funniest thing your child has ever said?