­On Friday Aug 17, Lawton hosted its first ever Battle of the Bands at the Great Plains Coliseum. The night showed off the local talents of country bands and pitted them against each other in a country showdown.

Phillip Humble, executive director of the Coliseum was in charge of overseeing the event. Humble was pleased with the turnout at the event.

“We wanted to show that there is local talent in this town and this event is a way to show off what local talent is out there,” Humble said.

Humble also hopes that by holding this event it will bring more people to come out and support the local music scene.

There was plenty of talent with bands performing anything from George Strait, Jason Aldean and even Guns N’ Roses as well some original work in front of a panel of judges who determined a winner.

Congratulations to Holley Brothers Band who wow the judges and the crowd with their cover of “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” made famous by Charlie Daniels. During the song they had their fiddle player face off against one of the members of the stage crew in the fiddle fight during the part where the Devil was facing Johnny for his soul and wagered a fiddle made of gold.

Enjoy this classic