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    The Real Housewives Series

    The Real Housewives Series ranked the lowest or 5th worse Reality show in 2011 with 7% of the vote. They lumped all of the "Real" Housewives shows together, including the Real Housewives of Orange County, Atlanta, New York City, New Jersey, and Beverly Hills. I am not a fan. I am not sure where the word real comes from in these series. I watched an episode where they were having a Bar-b-cue, and all of the women were wearing high heels, in the backyard. Yes, Really. This show airs on Bravo depending on which Housewives you want to watch.

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    Teen Mom

    Teen Mom is an American reality television series that premiered on MTV on December 8, 2009. It is a spin-off of 16 and Pregnant, and follows the lives of four of the teenagers from the original series as they experience their first few years of motherhood. With 12% of the vote this show was voted the 4th worse Reality Show in 2011. This series airs on MTV.

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    Jersey Shore

    Jersey Shore is another Reality show from MTV. It debuted in 2009 as well, and chronicles the lives of 8 housemates on the shore of New Jersey. I am sure that many of you watched Season Premiere last night. I don't get it, but, I am not a huge reality fan. With 23% of the votes, Jersey Shore is the 3rd worst reality show for 2011, even with Snookie and the Situation!

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    Kourtney & Kim Take New York

    I have a couple of friends that swear by this show. Won't miss it. Again, if it happens to be on in the room, I will take a glimpse, but I just don't get the attraction of following those two girls around New York. But to be honest, I don't get any of the Kardashian craze. This show airs on E!, at, what seems to me, all the time! Just kidding, check your local listings. Kourt and Kim's popularity didn't help them in this poll. They were voted the 2nd worst Reality Show with 26% of the vote! Eeek!

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    Toddlers & Tiara's

    Toddlers & Tiara's is the Worst Reality Show of 2011 according to SodaHead.com. With 32% of the vote, 'Toddlers' is the Best of the Worst! This is a show that I have never seen. Not sure that I want to. I did watch a video on YouTube showing a mom bleaching her little girls teeth. Said she does it once a week. Really? That's a little much don't you think? This show airs on TLC.