Nabisco just released a new, limited-time flavor Oreo for the summer, and it's watermelon. That's correct - Watermelon Oreos. 

They use the vanilla cookies, not the traditional chocolate ones. And in between you get cream that's half pink, half green, and all watermelon-y.

By all rights, this should be disgusting . But the early reviews online are positive.The website described it as, "a watermelon taste like it had been blended with cream. Imagine a watermelon ice cream." They're $3 a package, but you can only get Watermelon Oreos at Target, and just for the summer.

Townsquare Media Lawton had the opportunity to try this limited edition cookie.  Of the 13 (in the office at the moment) who tried them, it was overall a thumbs up. Yes there were a couple who thought is was yuck, but the majority rules.

Several tried the traditional way of taking the cookie apart and eating the cream filling, while others ate it normally.

Watch our Watermelon Oreo taste test below: