Tuesday night was the 2nd round of "You've Got Talent" held at Laugh Out Loud Lawton at 67th and Quannah Parker Trailway.  I am so lucky that I get to emcee this wonderful evening of talented children, teens, and adults. 

Not just singing either,  There is a 6 year old that plays the keyboard, and 2 acts are dancers, plus a drummer, and an electric guitarist!  I would hate to have to judge this competition!  So much talent in one place.  There was one girl in the adult class that literally brought me to tears!  I cannot wait to go again!  Two contestants were eliminated on Friday, and one was eliminated in each age category again on Tuesday evening.

Round 3 will be held Friday evening at 6pm at Laugh Out Loud.  We're down to 22 competitors and this week 2 more adults will be eliminated in the adult division and 1 each age division.

This is a free event and Lawton has really come through and supported it.  It's a lot of fun so come out for a great time at no charge!  Laugh Out Loud Lawton is a wonderful venue for this competition!