Non-pets like sharks, penquins, elephants, etc.

Mouse Jumps into Deep Fryer at Whataburger!
A mouse decides to end it all by jumping into the deep fryer at a Texas Whataburger and it was all captured live on video! I'll say it "Thank God for cell phones!" I mean it's one thing to hear about it, it's quite another seeing it. Believe me you'll want to see it!
Rhino Attacks and Flips Zookeeper's Car!
Let's go on safari, it'll be fun they said...Whatever this rhino is pissed off about the car and zookeeper got the worst of it! I guess it hates small hatchbacks, maybe the fact that it's painted to look like a zebra or thought here's my chance at 15 minutes of internet fame.
Iguana Gets it's Exercise on Airport's Luggage Return!
This video showed up in my Facebook feed and I had to share! I guess an iguana got loose from it's cage while at an airport in Key West, Florida and decided to get some exercise! It seems perfectly contempt to walk the luggage belt like a treadmill...

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