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Here Are Your Major Cannes Film Festival Award Winners
Even by its normally prestigious standards, this was a pretty exciting year for the Cannes Film Festival. Surprise selections, an atypically fun jury, and countless debates about Netflix and the future of film exhibition all combined to make headlines all around the world. Oh, and there were also a handful of the most highly anticipated films of 2017 receiving serious recognition from the festival. You know, no big deal.
Local Students Receive ‘Law Day’ Recognition
The Oklahoma Bar Associations recently conducted their annual Law Day essay contest, which this year featured entries from more than 900 students from across the state. Participants competed in divisions for grades pre-K through 12 grade...
Oscar Bit Cut
We’ve likely not finished the fallout of Sunday’s big Oscar snafu, though few would place any blame at the feet of host Jimmy Kimmel, who wandered out to bring some humor to the La La Land error. In all the chaos, however, Kimmel’s final bit with Matt Damon ended up lost to time, as the host now explains how the show was meant to end.
Oscars Stage Manager Reveals Why It Took So Long To Correct the Best Picture Mistake
The Envelopegate investigation continues, and now we have more information on what exactly went down backstage during the Oscars Best Picture snafu. One of the biggest questions has been why exactly it took so long for the Academy producers and PricewaterhouseCooper accountants to notice La La Land had wrongly been named the winner. In a new interview with The Wrap, Oscars stage manager Gary Natoli reveals a whole bunch of details on what exactly happened and why the two PwC accounts were held responsible for the mistake.
Warren Beatty Gives Official Response to Oscars Kerfuffle
We‘re now a couple days out from the incident itself, and everyone’s still trying to figure out just what in the Sam Hill happened at the Oscars on Sunday night. When Faye Dunaway wrongly named La La Land instead of Moonlight as the recipient of the Best Picture Academy Award, she created a buzzy moment and sparked a full-blown investigation as to how things could have gotten mixed up. Fingers have been pointed every which way, with the show’s producers and vote-tabulating accountants both scrambling to cover their respective hindquarters in the wake of the embarrassing gaffe. Today, however, Dunaway‘s co-presenter Warren Beatty – the man with his hand on the envelope — has offered his official response to the hubbub, and he’s decided to shift blame elsewhere.
Beatty-Dunaway Beefing May Be Behind Best Picture Bungle
[Bonnie and Clyde trailer voice]: They’re old, they kind of hate each other, and they read envelopes. Since Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway mistakenly announced La La Land as the recipient of the Academy Award for Best Picture on Sunday night, everyone‘s been looking for an answer as to how such a massive goof could come to pass. Blame has been passed around like a hot potato, with fault assigned to Beatty, Dunaway, some tweeting nitwit from the accounting firm that tabulates the votes, the person who lays down the envelopes, and just for good measure, a cold and uncaring god. But now the trenchant, Spotlightesque journalists at TMZ claim to have the full story behind just what went down.

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