Watching the Pats deliver another great 4th quarter performance yesterday didn't exactly sit well with a ton of fans. The second New England took that last snap, fans across the web called foul. They suggest that the NFL referees are crooked, and that they openly cheated for the GOAT.

Now I'll conceded, there was at least one bad call in that game... The pass interference call could have gone either way, and hindsight, it probably shouldn't have been called. But... and here's the rub... even though fans are pointing out that moment as the turning point, it didn't make the difference between win and loss for NE.

You have to give the most dynamic duo of coach/talent to Brady and Belichick. They effectively won with a walk-off with 90 seconds on the clock. If you remember last years championship game, Brady lead New England back from a 28-3 deficit with a grind-it-out mentality, and another stunning fourth quarter performance.

Sure, you wanted to see the Pats fail last year. It's a natural trend of mankind. We call it Jeff Gordon Syndrome. Jeff was the most dominate stock car driver during his prime. He won so many races, fans got tired of seeing him do his thing. They turned and started rooting for the underdog, no matter who it happened to be.

Nobody likes a winner... but that doesn't mean the refs cheated to help the GOAT along.

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