How in the world is it April 2nd, 2021 and I'm just now learning about the exotic animal park up in Fletcher? Granted, I can count of two fingers how many times I've been to Fletcher in my life, but still... That's the kind of thing you think gets passed around as common knowledge in small communities like SWOK. On top of that, it's a hands on petting zoo? I talk to a lot of kids in my weekly routine, how has nobody mentioned this before? Is it new?

Initially, when you think of an exotic animal park in Oklahoma, people automatically default to lions and tigers, oh my... but from what I can see on the Snider Family Exotics facebook page, there's a bigger wow factor for all to experience. Getting hands on with animals is fun at any age. I remember when someone brought a bunch of baby goats to the studios, we lost our minds and most of the workday playing with them. Now you're telling me I can be hands on with a camel, lemurs, llamas, kangaroos, goats, sheep and a bunch of other animals I can't zoologically identify? There's more too. Like, a lot more in the pictures on their facebook page. I'd be game for it, pretty sure the kids are up for it too in theory... but I remember screaming at the top of my lungs the first time a giraffe stuck it's head in the car window as a kid over at Arbuckle Wilderness. I'm really curious what that that tiny looking zebra really is... is it a hybrid zonkey-debra thing? Regardless, here's another prime example of why people need to stop saying "There's nothing to do here." There are no boring places, only boring people.

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