A new survey and study has revealed the most popular state shaped products for each of the 50 states. Using Google shopping trends SimplyCodes.com was able to determine the must have state shaped item for your collection. You'd be surprised at just how many state shaped products there are and every state seems to have their favorites. There's a lot of different items across the country, some of which I never would have thought of. From cutting boards to ice trays there's a near endless list of products you can get shaped like your favorite states. Who would of though you could get a casserole dish that looks like Wisconsin?     

Now I was thinking this list would contain most, if not all of the usual souvenir type stuff you grab at a gas station while traveling about or taking a road trip. All the state shaped key chains, magnets, bottle openers all that kind of stuff. Sure some of that made it to the most popular list. But most of the items and products that made the SimplyCodes.com list are more unusual than that. Some are really unusual!

So what do you think the #1 state shaped product is in Oklahoma? Well you'd be surprised to learn that it's an Oklahoma shaped trivet. Now honestly I had no idea what a trivet was so I jumped on Google. A trivet is what you place underneath a hot plate or pan to protect your table or counter top. I had no idea those were called trivets, I always called them hot pads or pot holders. Well, those thingies are properly known by better educated and sophisticated people as trivets. I learned something new today! I can hardly wait to use this new found knowledge. I can hear me now "Dear would you please hand me a trivet?" Sounds fancy!

I was sure it would be a cutting board. I see Oklahoma shaped cutting boards everywhere I go and in almost every store. Nope, it's a trivet. Now that I think about it, I don't think I've ever seen an Oklahoma shaped trivet in a store, or anywhere else for that matter. I'm sure they exist, after all they made it to the top of the most popular state shaped products list. If you're interested to see all the other items and states click here to view the map. You can also click here for a full listing in alphabetical order of the most popular state shaped products according to SimplyCodes.com. You now know that the trivet is the most popular state shaped product in Oklahoma so when anyone asks you can confidently answer their questions.

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