So, the year is 2020. We're three weeks into what should be the current Major League Baseball season, and sports are cancelled because some lab technician accidentally caught and spread coronavirus, creating a worldwide panic and pandemic. Congrats 2020, you officially suck.

All the same, we live in the golden age of technology. There has never been a better time to be forced into the home by an overreaching and constitutionally questionable government at every level. Look at the bright side, we're so used to entertainment being on-demand 24/7, people are actually bored. So here's your baseball fix. The absolute top baseball movies of all time without any of the "seen it too many times" titles getting in the way.

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    Think of this like 'The Mighty Ducks' but for baseball. Instead of the lead getting in trouble with his high-profile, high-paying law firm, it's the loan sharks calling the shots. To work his way out of a jam, Keanu Reeves takes to task teaching inner-city kids the game of baseball. It'll leave you feeling warm and fuzzy on the inside, which is quite OK in guy code since it's a baseball movie.

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    Mr. 3000

    So there's an over-the-hill player vying for his place at Cooperstown, when his stats are reviewed and found he's short on those important, hall of fame caliber stats. He decides to get back in the game and hilarity ensues.

    Technically, this is an adaptation and modern update of another movie on this list, but it holds fast the comedy and brotherhood story every great sports movie is made of.

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    A League Of Their Own

    When Japan ended up dragging the USA into a war on three fronts, able-bodied men everywhere signed up for service in one of our three military branches of the era. That left a big hole in sports entertainment here at home.

    You hear a lot of people saying the same thing now that "It's just a game" "Baseball isn't essential" blah blah blah... But here's the thing. Sports is a great stress release for the masses. Much like a movie, it gives you something to focus on for a while, giving you a break from the doom and gloom of real life.

    Fun fact, while the story isn't true, the tale of womens professional baseball during wartime is. Google it yourself.

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    For Love Of The Game

    What baseball movie list would be complete without at least one Kevin Costner movie? While Field of Dreams may be most peoples "ideal" baseball movie, I really never connected with it. Cool idea, but it's gonna be a no for me dog.

    Instead, For Love Of The Game is the story of an aging pitcher that has a mid-life crisis throughout his final game. Flashing back the stories of his life off the field surrounding the lost love of his life. It's a truly good story that wraps up in a very satisfying ending.

    Even if you have to pay to rent it, it's worth it.

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    Major League

    While I decree that this list doesn't have your average "seen it a million times" baseball movies on it, I can't overlook Major League. The first one. Really, the only one. It was a perfect sports comedy.

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    Mr. Baseball

    If you dig deep enough and see enough sports movies, you too might agree that Mr. Baseball is the best of them all. It has everything a solid early-90's movie needs. The sarcastic Magnum PI in a Dodgers uniform, three stubborn leads in a wicked symbiotic relationship triangle, a language barrier between the protagonist and antagonist, and the classic coming-together of big egos and a feeling of eventual teamwork.

    It's pretty awesome.

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