You probably don't remember this, but I moved to Lawton in November of 2006. Having spent a few years far from my Northern Oklahoma home, it was nice to be within driving distance again. I remember going home for Thanksgiving that year, it's not something I ever did before living so far away, or anything I've done since that one year, but I'll never forget it, and this commercial is the reason why.

Growing up in Northern Oklahoma for most of my childhood, the BC Clark Anniversary Sale jingle is something I assumed every Oklahoman knew. It'd get so stuck deep down in your mind, I can remember us kids singing it around the lunchroom table in middle school. It's that popular. Now, after school, I was the sibling that left home to travel and explore my way around the country. We all thought it was my sister that moved real far away to OKC, but it surprised everyone when I just decided to take a job near the Mexican border in Texas right out of school. It was a whole other world. Corpus Christy is real nice, and I haven't had proper mexican food in fourteen years, but I wouldn't trade living so just close enough to visit home once in a while for anything.

I told you that to really drive this point home... I was sitting there after our traditional Thanksgiving taco fiesta in 2006 when this commercial came on the TV in a room across the house, and I instantly hopped into singing it. I hadn't heard this commercial in years. Upon coming back to work here in Lawton, that commercial kind of became an ice-breaker for my conversations in getting to know people here, but to my surprise, it was years before I met someone that knew what BC Clark Jewelers was. Surprisingly, it was this year. You see, our new General Manager lives in Apache. Apache gets the big Oklahoma City channels... so as I'm humming it one day walking down the hall, he joined in. Literally the first person I've met in Lawton that knows the BC Clark jingle.

Before you say "It's a SWOK thing..." it's not. You go to Altus, Hollis, Elk City, Blair, Hobart, Mangum, etc... they all know BC Clark has their anniversary sale just before christmas. I honestly think it's just limited to this very small window of SWOK that's so limited in their TV lineup choices, after all, BC Clark wouldn't be advertising in Wichita Falls now would they... At this point in time, I'd like you to hit play on it. Get familiar with it. It is agreed all over the state that the christmas season doesn't start until you've heard it for the first time. I stand by that.

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