I can't believe I've lived here for as long as I have and never made it to Arbuckle Wilderness, until recently. The family and I were getting restless over the weekend and were looking for something to do, so I grabbed the phone and opened the TravelOK app. We wanted to go on a little day-cation to someplace we've never been before. We also wanted to get there and back in a day, the app lead us to the perfect place!

After a little searching and deciding we we ended up going to Arbuckle Wilderness in Davis, OK. It was only and hour and a half away from the house and the perfect spot for a day-cation. The whole family had a blast and if you've never been you have to go. It's a drive thru safari type zoo with all kinds of animals. They're roaming free and you can even feed them. Before you hit the trail make a quick stop by the gift shop for some food and get ready for a great time! The animals will come right up to the car to be fed.


We had the best time and I couldn't stop laughing seeing the wife and kids reactions and having various wild animals surround the car and try and put their heads in. Not to mention all the funny faces they'd make and noises. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. There's all kinds of animals from exotic to everyday and everything in between. My favorite though were the donkeys, they were hilarious!

It's a beautiful drive and quick to get there. Plus you're right next door to Turner Falls Park and all those incredible Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pies. Those are worth the drive alone, absolutely delicious. If you're a peach fan you have to try the peach ones they're life changing. The whole day was awesome and we all had a great time, we'll definitely go back and load up on fried pies for the return trip.

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