I'm totally guessing here, but for most of the population, we probably don't think twice about throwing away tons of banned substances every year in Oklahoma.

Sure, we know we should be disposing of our batteries properly... but when you finally figure out which smoke detector is beeping at 4AM and swap out the 9volt, it's far too easy to just pitch it in the can.

Most households likely aren't limited to just cheap batteries in the trash... there's an unlimited common supply and usage of several products we probably mix in with last week's leftovers in every trash bag.

Here's a quick rundown of the things that are illegal to toss in the trash in Oklahoma, and how to properly go about disposing of them.

11 Illegal Things to Throw Away in Oklahoma

We live in a period of time where it's far easier to do almost everything than ever before. This includes disposing of things in the house, it's amazing how much things have changed.

While burning trash in a backyard pit and reusing old motor oil to heat the shop was common, even in my lifetime, here are the few things that are illegal to throw away in Oklahoma.

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