Like most military towns, a certain percentage of the population here is somewhat transient. Here for the time being before inevitably being moved to some other military town... While that's fine and dandy, when I hear people talk down on their time in Oklahoma, I can't help but wonder if they've just missed the bus on everything this state has to offer our traveling youth.

I could go on about the handful of mountain ranges across Southern Oklahoma, the incredible museums in Lawton and OKC, or even some of Oklahoma's most famous restaurants... but since all that requires a willingness to get robbed at the gas pump right now, let me share this little gem with our transient populace...

Blue & Gold Sausage is one of the best tastes of Oklahoma. Period. Here's the draw...

This entire brand of products is raised and slaughtered inside the state. Started in the 1960s by a high school FFA (agriculture) teacher as a way to raise funds for their program, it soon grew to become an Oklahoma staple in every rural freezer in the state.

Before you say something like "Meh, sausage is sausage..." it's not. I'm a life-long die-hard Jimmy Dean type of guy, but nothing beats a Saturday morning munching on this sagey goodness. It has a really, really unique taste that most people love. Personally, I order it by the case so I do eventually get tired of eating it, but it always tastes like grandmas house when I have it. That's the memory it evokes over an early morning breakfast in my home.

The brand also makes bacon and chicken tendies so you really aren't taking a "risk" in trying something new. I promise it's amazing.

So what's the catch?

Blue & Gold sausage and other products are only available through school fundraisers... so the challenge is finding a kid that's selling it. If you're not from here that's a tall order. Luckily, you can usually find someone selling B&G on Facebook either on community pages or in the marketplace.

If your social media prowess leaves you empty-handed, Blue & Gold does provide contact information for all of their fundraiser efforts across the state, categorized by the closest town. You'll find that information here on their official website.

Whether you're a temporary citizen of Oklahoma or a lifer, you need to try this amazing "Made In Oklahoma" bite. It'll rock your world.

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