Farmer Wants A Wife's Brandon Rogers chose Grace Girard as his perfect match. However, during the show’s reunion, fans would learn that their love didn’t last. What went wrong?

Rogers talked with Taste of Country during an exclusive interview, opening up about where his heart and head are at and the pair’s relationship now.

What happened once filming stopped?

“You can only spend so much time together during filming,” he recalls. “You do get a lot of time together, but it’s never one-on-one, you’re kind of always in a group of women, spending time together in a group.”

He noted that he didn’t fully get to know Girard until the cameras were off. That’s when he realized their foundation might not be similar.

What did you go in looking for in a partner?

It came down to a few basics for the farmer. He considered locations outside of where he lived a huge win. He loves to travels and hoped the woman he chose was located somewhere he could visit during his off season.

Additionally, he looked at what they were passionate about.

“Things they like to do, if they are in tune with their family, kind of their lifestyle if they are active,” he shares. “I’m into boating, golfing, outdoors…being in Colorado, you do everything outside.”

When did it go wrong?

“There is nothing wrong with Grace, but I do feel like she has a phenomenal job that she really loves and prides herself in,” he expresses. “So, I just feel like that connection wasn’t strong enough that I would invite her to leave that job possibly to try it out.”

He did note that Girard might feel differently.

“I think she was more invested than I was, but knowing how invested I felt, there was a little conflict of interest in who we are as a person.”

Does he really want someone career driven?

Girard being deeply invested in her career was an attraction for Rogers that also ended up being the thorn in their relationship.

“It’s tough because I did just say I need a woman that has a job and a career,” he shares. “Then I’m like Grace has a good job…meh.”

“They say when you know, you know,” he says. “I didn’t feel like I knew that was my person. Maybe it wasn’t even the job and that’s just my sweet scapegoat.”

Are Brandon and Grace still friends?

“I do appreciate the friendship we have,” he says. “We’ve stayed in contact, talked about going to catch a Wisconsin football game here next fall and staying friends. I just didn’t feel like that was my life-long partner.”

Thankfully, two couples are still going strong and in love. Farmer Mitchell Kolinsky and Sydney Errera and Farmer Nathan Smothers and Taylor DeBell are still together.

We were Kolinsky and Errerar’s first interview post-show — you can catch it here.

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