Jelly Roll fans may recognize his new tattoo. Fans of his wife Bunnie Xo will definitely recognize the ink.

  • Jelly Roll and his wife Bunnie recently celebrated seven years of marriage.
  • Earlier this month, she stepped away from his tour to be with her father as he battles an aggressive form of cancer.
  • The Backroad Baptism Tour lasts through October.

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Bunnie shared Jelly's new ink to TikTok earlier this week. The caption reads, "Tat my name on ya if it's real."

Jelly Roll has dozens, if not hundreds of tattoos, and he admits that if he were to do it all over again, he'd start with a more cohesive plan. The new video shows that he might not be planning for the future still.

"There's a little bit of real estate right here if you just started crashing over some s--t," he says before fans see what he's done.

Jelly Roll's tattoo is of Bunnie Xo's logo. She indicates that he got it while she was away with her father. "When he misses you so much he gets another Bunnie tattoo," Bunnie writes.

Bunnie is a familiar source of inspiration for Jelly Roll. A song called "Kill a Man" from his Whitsitt Chapel album was inspired by her, and he's credited her and their marriage for saving his life.

The couple live near Nashville and raise his daughter from a previous relationship. Jelly Roll also has a son who lives with his mother, but he's involved in his life, as well. While on tour, Bunnie Xo has been hosting her own meet-and-greets for fans of her Dumb Blonde Podcast and social media videos and posts.

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