Lanco brings their latest single to life in the new music video for “Greatest Love Story,” a nostalgic telling of young love between an “all-American girl” and a troublemaker separated by life and brought back together again.

It’s the two kids against the world in the somewhat autobiographical tune, written by lead singer Brandon Lancaster, though he says each band member can relate.

“For me, I started dating a girl and we took some time apart,” Lancaster says. “Then we got back together and you just feel so many different emotions when that happens. It started with that opening line, but it’s not just my story. The other guys in the band have these stories and [Lanco drummer] Tripp [Howell] even married his high school sweetheart. There are pieces of all of our stories in this song.”

The video puts the lyrics into play in a throwback setting, following the characters from their first meeting as elementary schoolers to dating in high school, being separated by her time in college and then eventually finding each other again. The story has a happy ending as the couple end up getting married by the time the video wraps up. Interspersed with scenes of Lanco performing in a school gym, the video certainly aligns with the skillful storytelling in the single and gives it an added level of sincerity. Check out the full video above.

“Greatest Love Story” appears on Lanco’s 2016 EP and follows their debut single “Long Live Tonight.” The newcomers have spent part of 2017 on tour with Jake Owen.

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