There is not much time for celebration for the Highlanders big win over city rival Eisenhower this past Friday night - not with the district season throughout the entire state starting this week. The district championship could very well be decided this week as Del City and Macarthur clash this Friday night in Del City.

This will be the Highlanders first road game of the season, and according to head coach Brett Manning, he likes going on the road. " I think we play better on the road, the players take a couple of hours to travel up, put some headphones on and relax and better focus."

Big Mac will have to be really "focused" for this match up, because as memory serves me, MacArthur faced the same scenario last year and ended up with a loss to Del City - one of the only two regular season losses the Highlanders posted last year earning them second in the district by seasons end.

The boys from up on the Hill will have their work cut out for them this week and they are very aware of Del City's talent. Don't let their 1-2 record fool you, Del City is a foe that very few in the district will be able to get by. According to coach Manning the keys to victory are "eliminate turnovers," which Mac has had their fair share of the past weeks, and "wrap up and tackle better on defense and hope to catch a break and win in the end."

The season is early I know, but according to coach Ernie Manning "This game is for all the marbles." Thatcould not be more correct as the team is focused up for this week's challenge and is ready to go through more of that rough we have been talking about earlier this season. "Per Aspera" has been a great motto for this year's challenges.

We, of course, will bring you the game live for those who will not be making the trip. Myself, Jay, Maynard and Nick Bryant will be broadcasting from the sidelines. You can listen on your radio on Klaw 101, right here on the Klaw website or on your smartphone.


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