One of Oklahoma's strangest phenomenons "Magnetic Hill" is only a short 2 hours away from Lawton, Fort Sill. I'm thinking I need to see and try this for myself! Magnetic Hill is located near Ardmore in the small town of Springer, OK. It's a short strip of road that has a really crazy effect on gravity and the senses.

Basically things roll up hill defying both gravity and nature. Some say it's magnetic, others say it's an optical illusion. Still others say it's witchcraft and aliens causing the effect. It's pretty crazy and in the video it shows a car in neutral being pulled up the hill. Motorcyclists and cyclists have also reported being pulled backward.

Magnetic Hill is located on Pitt Road in Springer. it's 1 1/2 miles West of I-35 and Highway 53. Head West to Pioneer/Pitt Road, then turn North for about a half mile to get to the bottom of the hill. I'm sure most, if not everyone in Springer and even Ardmore know about this place so you could always stop for directions.

The family and I will have to take a quick stay-cation to Springer to check it out. Plus we can go to Ardmore and grab a bite at Two Frogs Grill on the way home. Or the next time there's a show at the Heritage Hall in Ardmore we could go early so we can visit Magnetic Hill on the way to the show. What is it with small towns in Oklahoma? We have a ton of places in the state, most are small towns that have crazy stuff like this, or are rumored to be haunted like the town of Waurika. Get the details here if you're brave enough!

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