It was only about a week ago that the federal reports came in about Oklahoma's cost of living. While Okies love to tout our affordable living compares to places like NYC or California, it's all relative.

Sure, housing might be half as much... but so is median pay. It's like comparing apples to less desirable apples, but the Sooner State is still a great place in the eyes of most people that live here.

When you think of Oklahoma's elite and most expensive places to live, odds are you start thinking about elite neighborhoods like Nichols Hills or Sperry, but truth be told it's the smaller rural towns that cost Oklahomans even more.

It all breaks down to the actual cost of living versus the average income for a specific area. Sure, Nichols Hills is expensive but the average income there is so high, the relative index is lower than living in a place like Ardmore.

It's weird, but the math checks out.

The Most Expensive Places to Live in Oklahoma

When you think of expensive places to live in Oklahoma, most people envision the ultra-wealthy areas like Nichols Hills or Cedar Valley... but having money doesn't always equate to being the most expensive. Compared to most places on this list, even Edmond would be a thrifty place to live. Here are the most expensive places to live in Oklahoma.

The Ten Most Affordable Places to Live in Oklahoma

Living within your means is a lot easier in a more affordable community. Here are the most affordable places to live in Oklahoma when you compare the cost of living to median income.

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