Last week, Critter was talking about how cool it would be for someone to convert the old Budweiser railroad car into a restaurant here in Lawton. To be honest, it is a stellar idea that would probably have people in and out all week. Stonks. Although, if I were investing in an idea like that, I might have it moved to Medicine Park, or somewhere with that tourist traffic to backbone the local dollars. It had me thinking "I wonder if Oklahoma even has one of those?" and it turns out, we do.

Welcome to Heavener, Oklahoma. Home of the Oklahoma Runestone and the only railroad car restaurant in the state. Born in the 1940's and used as a regular old railway transportation car, retired after the interstate system finished in the 1960's, living as the Southern Belle Restaurant since then, I'd guess it's a pretty unique experience to eat in there.

Like most restaurants, Southern Belle has a signature dish, the chicken strips. And I don't mean the same chicken strips sold to every restaurant off the Cisco truck like we experience often here in Lawton... They make their own. Praised for their delicious mix of spices and herbs, hand breaded the moment you order them, they do look pretty good.

If eating in a somewhat cramped railroad car doesn't sound appealing to you, I'm gonna have to ask you knock off that negative noise right now. How many people do you know that eat in eighty year old railroad cars? It might be worth the day trip to eat here and check out the only runestone in America science can't debunk as a fake. Good luck.

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