Having traveled the country and sampled just about every weird dish I've come across, I can't imagine sitting down to intentionally drink boiling hot Dr. Pepper. Is this an Oklahoma and Texas thing?

Warning: It's Loud

Obviously, every region around the world has its own food culture and traditions, but Dr. Pepper used to advertise this hot beverage around the country. It doesn't seem like a location-specific type of thing at all.

Dr. Pepper even managed to get Dick Clark on board with it in their national advertising back in the 60s-70s... but if they offered me a check to talk about how awesome boiled bull testicles were, I'd do just that for the right amount of money too.

Initially, I thought hot Dr. Pepper was an old-school thing. Like some brilliant mind working for the soda makers found a way to sell more Pepper to counteract the winter lull in soda sales or something... but Dr. Pepper still talks about the cold-weather drink to this day.

If you look around the web at the different "recipes" for hot Dr. Pepper, you're bound to find differing opinions. Some say it's best with a cinnamon swizzle stick, others mention the merits of adding brown sugar... as if it doesn't have enough high-fructose corn syrup in it already.

Either way, I'm an adventurous eater and I'd probably try it, how bad could it actually be? I know I'm not the only person who has drank a hot can of DP to quench their summertime thirst. Moreover, now I'm curious how big the burps will be.

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