While we may not all agree on politics, religion, Ford vs Chevy, etc., the one opinion people universally agree on is hoping this summer will be cooler than last year.

2022 had the third-hottest summer on record. The 110°+ days seemed never to end and the drought conditions didn't help. Looking forward to this coming summer, Farmers Almanac is predicting it to be just as hot.


But what about rain?

While most of Oklahoma got its normal amount of average rainfall last year, it all came early on and just stopped by the time the heat set in. That was a stark contrast to prior year.

2021 was the hottest summer on record in the US, even hotter than the 1936 Dust Bowl summer, but it rained more than enough to keep the lakes full and lawns green. I remember complaining about mowing since I usually look forward to the summer dormancy of bermuda grass. This is the summer Farmers Almanac is predicting.

According to their marketing department proprietary formula has predicted that along with sizzling and sweltering heat will come tons of thunderstorms throughout the season, which most people agree will be okay.


While getting enough rain along with the heat is crucial, it makes me yearn for that magical summer of 2020. Sure, people complained there was nothing to do in the grand scheme of the pandemic, but I fished almost every single day that summer with absolutely ideal temperatures. I think we may have had one day over 100° all summer long, most days hovered around 90°... It was the best of times and the worst of times.

Here's hoping you don't melt this summer. Good luck.

Read the full Farmers Almanac forecast here.

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