The United States hasn't experienced a total solar eclipse since 2017. While the path of total eclipse--AKA--totality was far north of the Sooner State, Oklahoma will finally have the experience of midday darkness with the next eclipse in 2024.


That being said, there is a very small portion of the state, way down in Southeast Oklahoma that will get the full totality of the eclipse.


If there were ever a time to book a family vacation in Broken Bow, OK, this would be the time to do so.

Even though the last eclipse put the line of totality so far north of Oklahoma, I'm sure you can remember how eerily dark it was in the middle of the day as it happened, right?

It was that it was dark, it was still bright outside, but it was like looking through a camera filter. Everything had a sepia/old-west sort of tone to it.

Oddly enough, the path of total eclipse will also roll right through the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Perhaps that'd be a perfect place to take the family to experience this infinitely cool astrological phenomenon.

If you'd like to start making plans, here are all of the details straight from NASA.

This Grand Lake Home is Straight Out of Yellowstone

If you were looking to get pretty far from the hustle and bustle and had $3.5million burning a hole in your pocket, this Yellowstone-looking massive cabin home might be just the place for you.

Unlike most lake homes, this one looks very lived in full-time. The stocked pantry and full workshop really scream "Retirement Home" in my mind.

With just over 5300 square feet of living space, five well-appointed bedrooms, five bathrooms, two stories, a detached shop, plenty of lakefront, and your own personal dock... this looks like a dream out in the middle of nowhere. Unlike a lot of Oklahoma's most expensive homes, this one actually looks really well put together. Everything matches, one theme, etc... It's a rare case of the wealthy having good taste.

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People always say "If you're gonna dream, dream big." That is precisely what the builders of this lakefront home on Texoma did.

10,000 square feet of total living space. Six bedrooms, seven baths, walls of glass offering panoramic views of picturesque Lake Texoma. A huge beachfront on four and a half acres. Add in the gourmet kitchen, screened sunroom, legit theater, and game rooms, an 80-foot observation tower, plus an elevator to ensure everyone can catch a vista-view, this would be a fantastic place to call home or have available for a weekend or two each year.

Oklahoma's Best 4th of July Celebrations

There's nothing like celebrating America's independence in the heartland, and Oklahoma practically overflows with patriotism across the state. While most towns have their own celebrations, some are larger than others. Since it would be hard to catch all of them in one day, they're spread out a bit over two and a half weeks, pick one or more and let your American flag fly.

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