Before you hop off and start looking with intent, let me spoil this list a little bit... There is not a Trump, Oklahoma anywhere on the map... yet. Which seems sort of shocking since Oklahoma had the highest percentage of Trump voters according to the statistics. Whatever your political prowess is, here is a quick list of towns in Oklahoma named for past presidents of these United States.

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    If you've never heard of Adams, OK before, you're not alone. Located way up in Texas County, it's a one-horse town, which seems to be a fitting start to this list of one-horse towns. If you didn't know where Texas County was on the map... Picture the panhandle, divide it by three counties, Texas County is in the middle. Way up there.

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    Fun Fact: There are actually two Taylor, OK's... I know, it's not possible, but mail doesn't process through city name, it processes through zip code. One Taylor is located somewhere along the state line Southeast of Lawton in Cotton County, the other is between Elk City and Erick Northwest of us.

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    Before you say "There was a US president named Fillmore?" Yes. Millard Fillmore, 13th president of the USA. Fillmore, Oklahoma might share the name, but according to Wikipedia, it's actually named after a local resident named Elias Fillmore. It's another small town. They haven't had a post office there since the 60's.

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    Funny enough, there's both a Grant city name and a Grant County in Oklahoma. The county is way up in North-Central OK but the very small town is located along the border South of Hugo. Which is East of Ardmore. Which is pretty much throwaway Oklahoma.

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    Unlike Fillmore, OK... Taft is actually named in honor of President Taft. It's a stoplight way up in Muskogee County. If you've been there, you probably didn't know it.

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    Northeast of Lawton, up in the forgotten county of Pottawatomie lies the town of Johnson. I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess it wasn't named for President Johnson since, in the grand scheme of Oklahoma's statehood, he's one of the more recent additions to the list of past presidents, but they share a common name, we'll take it.

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    Lincoln has an interesting history in Oklahoma. It was a town prior to Oklahoma's statehood. It even pre-dates the land runs. History shines on this town as an all-black community made up of African Americans that left the South after the civil war. Located Northwest of present day OKC, it was a jumping point for the historic 1889 land run into central Oklahoma.

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    Here's a two-fer... Jefferson is located in Grant County way up in North-Central Oklahoma. Originally named Pond Creek, the name change came after the Enid-Pond Creek Railroad War... After becoming Jefferson, residents moved to establish a new Pond Creek a few miles South. It's an interesting tale of citizens fighting corporate corruption. Google that war sometime. It's fascinating.

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    Here's another technicality... Reagan, OK may share a name with a US president, but it was founded long before Ronald Reagan was born. Still, it appears on some maps even though the post office was shuttered in 1931.

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    If you've ever driven to Ardmore for any reason, odds are you've driven through Wilson, OK. It's between Ardmore and Waurika way down on Highway 70. It's plausible that the town was named for President Woodrow Wilson as the census first started there shortly after Wilson left office.

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    West and a little North of Lawton, in the corner of Kiowa County, you'll find a little town that was named for President Theodore Roosevelt, confirmed. Incorporated sometime in the early 1900's, during Teddy R's heyday of political power, establishing national parks and wildlife refuges, 330-ish people still live there today carrying on a Roosevelt tradition.

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    When I say Beckham County, Oklahoma... You probably have a blank expression on your face. It's not really known in this specific area of SWOK even though it's a part of SWOK. It's the last county in the state headed West on I-40, and the home of where most of Oklahoma's bad Spring weather enters the state. If we were allowed to have OKC channels like the rest of SWOK, you'd know what I'm talking about. Thank goodness for powered tv antennas.

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    Everyone should know where Clinton, OK is... Home to the Route 66 Museum, a massive indoor water park, a sizable casino, and some of the prettiest city parks in all of Oklahoma. Obviously, the sharing of the name with Slick Willie is coincidence, but still, it earns a spot on this list.

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    Just outside of Purcell, there's a little town called Washington. Named for our first president and supreme commander of the nations military. Honestly, there's nothing online about Washington, OK, but I've driven through it on my way to pick up some tools before. Not much to see, but a name you don't forget.

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