Have you ever heard of the Oklahoma Bermuda Triangle or how about 'Shaman's Portal' located at Beaver Dunes State Park in Beaver, OK? Well, if you're into the paranormal, supernatural, and alien encounters this is definitely the place you want to go! While there are plenty of haunted places in the Sooner State only one place can boast of having not only ghosts but UFOs and aliens too. It's a really strange and scary place!

The legends and stories of strange and unusual happenings at Beaver Dunes go all the way back to the mid-1500s. It was mentioned in Coronado's journals, the famed Spanish explorer. While exploring the area he lost 3 men at the Beaver Dunes who were never seen again. His story told of glowing green light in the dunes and green and blue lightning flashes. The men attempted to follow them and were never heard from again.

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Native tribes in the area at that time attempted to warn Coronado about the dangers of the dunes and the creepy green lightning. The legend is that the dunes were an ancient burial ground and that the spirits forbid anyone living from crossing. Despite the warnings, Coronado and his men set off to explore the dunes and surrounding area. None of the Natives, even those who were guides, would dare enter the dunes at night.

Unfortunately, Coronado's men haven't been the only people who have gone missing throughout the years. Several disappearances have taken place at Beaver Dunes, it seems anyone foolish enough to not heed the warnings and enter the dunes at night is rarely heard from again. Or at least that's the legend. There are some facts to this, it is true that countless people have vanished and were last seen at the dunes.

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Some say it's the spirits of the dead that guard the dunes and refuse the living from crossing, especially at night. Others say it's aliens. Yep, we're talking about some real Area 51-type stuff. A lot of people believe the Beaver Dunes was a crash site for an alien spacecraft. They say the aliens are still in the area and are trapped here on Earth. They defend their crash site and the green/blue light and lightning is a signal of S.O.S. to other lifeforms who might rescue them from the planet. Get too close and they'll capture and kill you!

There have even been stories of people who visited the dunes and reported seeing the U.S. Military in the area digging and transporting items from the site. Some have reported being escorted out of the area by the Military and having their pictures, video, and any recording devices confiscated and/or erased. Others say it's not the Military, it's the aliens people are seeing in the distance and interacting with. So we've got stories of curses, ghosts, haunted burial grounds, UFOs, and even aliens. The Beaver Dunes AKA the  'Shaman's Portal' in Beaver, OK. has it all, from the paranormal to alien lifeforms. I have to see this place, just not at night!

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