As new television shows are announced, premiered and run their series finale, they're often forgotten about. But I don't think Oklahomans will ever forget the two season Bravo produced "Sweet Home Oklahoma," which was like a Real Housewives set in Oklahoma City. It was iconic on its own, but was canceled after two seasons.

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The show centered on three friends, Jennifer, Angie "Pumps" and Lee, and their lives in Oklahoma City. (We're pretty sure they all lived in Nichols Hills, which is an upscale municipality wedged in between Oklahoma City and Edmond.)

The "first look" preview was released in February 2017 and the show premiered in March 2017. Bravo described "Sweet Home Oklahoma" as following " an eccentric, unfiltered group of ride-or-die friends who navigate life in Oklahoma City with irreverent humor and endless shenanigans. With frank talk and no boundaries, these four friends may not be the norm, but they wouldn't have it any other way."

And to be honest, the show was exactly how it was described. The women were unabashedly unfiltered who deeply cared about each other and their families. They proudly expressed their love for Oklahoma and Oklahoma City, even though they weren't "stereotypical Okies." And there was TONS of humor. In a Real Housewives Reddit Thread, fans praised the women and their friendship.

So why did Sweet Home Oklahoma get canceled?

According to an article Jennifer did with AOL, in 2018, Bravo approached Jennifer about rebranding the show and having it focus more on her interior design business. She initially didn't jump at the idea and took some time to think about it, but she ended up agreeing. And she wasn't doing it without Pumps.

So season two of "Sweet Home Oklahoma," which was changed to "Sweet Home," was a tad different than the first. And you can definitely tell the difference when Bravo dropped the preview for "Sweet Home."

But we don't have a clear answer as to why the series wasn't renewed for a third season? And we're not sure why Bravo made the pivot when producing season two. (My assumption is that "Sweet Home Oklahoma" didn't have the drama they were looking for like with the other series in The Real Housewives franchise. But I digress.)

As for a season three, we're thinking it didn't happen because Bravo changed the whole premise of the show after one season and fans weren't here for it so it became a flop.

One thing is for certain though is that "Sweet Home Oklahoma" is not something Oklahomans can add to our long list of things we're ashamed of with our state. It's actually something Oklahomans can be proud of that will live on buried in the depths of the internet and streaming services. But may we all never forget Pumps' iconic smoking glove.

If you haven't seen "Sweet Home Oklahoma," you can stream seasons one and two by renting or purchasing on just about any streaming device.

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