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What do you think is Eating my Daughter's 'Christmas Tree'?
This tree has been in the front yard of my parents house since 1983.  My daddy, brought it to me, and more importantly to my baby daughter, Whitney, while we were in the hospital.  It was decorated for Christmas, and it was the best gift I could have gotten for this child born just days be…
Top 10 Dierks Bentley Songs
Dierks Bentley songs have consistently alternated between rowdy party anthems and deeply sensual slow jams. Few artists can pull off both with such proficiency.
What Would you do with a Million Dollars?
Last week the Mega Millions lottery reached the 11th highest jackpot in the lottery's history, and was won by a single ticket holder in Arizona. Over $410 million dollars. Now, if that doesn't get you to daydream, I don't know what will!

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