I know what you're thinking. Maybe you've stayed close to Lawton the whole time you've been here, perhaps you were raised here. Why does everyone think of Oklahoma as a flyover state? Everyone thinks it's just a big open spance of flat farm land... and while there certainly is a lot of farmland, this state isn't just the Great Plains. Sure, Oklahoma contains its fair share of plains, but half of this state is mountain range. Well, technically a couple of mountain ranges. Our Wichita's, the Ozark's, Quachita, and Arbuckles. And yes, there are some more mountain ranges bestowed a name, but they're all apart of the big four. While hiking is a good way to explore our local Wichita's, the Arbuckles are best seen on horseback.

If you've never explored the Arbuckle Mountains over by Sulpher, OK, I understand. It's Oklahoma's best kept secret. The Chickasaw National Recreation Area is one of the lesser known National Parks in America. I'm not sure why, but I can only reckon it's because we don't call it "Platt National Park" anymore. Still, the beauty there is ridiculous and something you'd never expect to find in Oklahoma. Azure blue cold water springs, sprawling tree canopy camping, well groomed trails... It really is like stepping into a really hot-weathered Yellowstone. And when it comes to seeing the mountains from a unique perspective, what's more unique than doing it on horseback?

Arbuckle Trail Rides has been letting visitors explore this mountain range in a saddle for a long time. If the massive amount of positive reviews are to be correct, it seems like it's "the" way to see that part of the state. Here's the good news, it's open for business. You can still social distance as you explore, they have horses for even the smallest kiddos, and a track record for providing unbelievable experiences out in the hills. Here is the official website.

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