Beer-Loving Robot Prefers Tecate Over Bud Light [VIDEO]
While scientists have yet to perfect artificial intelligence, they’ve at least perfected artificial beer preference. When it comes to brewskies, this thirsty robot named DARwIn-OP know what it likes — the folks who built him over at Trossen Robotics actually programmed him to have a drink of choice. Given the option, the little guy will ignore a can of Bud Light and go for a cold Tecate every time
Wal-Mart Now Serving Beer?
According to Police, Perry Apran went to the beer isle at a Rapid City, South Dakota Wal-Mart opened a cold one and drank it.   He then put the beer can back in the case.  Wal-Mart store security found Arpan leaving the store and charged him with shoplifting...
Open a beer with your iPhone
You can purchase apps for your iPhone that do almost anything along with the normal text, getting on the internet, and making a phone call!   Soon, you will be able to buy a hard plastic case with a slide-out bottle opener for your iPhone called "Opena"...
$765 Beer Comes Wrapped in Roadkill [VIDEO]
Thanks to craft beer company BrewDog, you can now look hobo-chic while drinking your beer. That's because the UK-based firm --co-owned by James Watt and Martin Dickie - has created a potent bottle of beer served inside an actual squirrel, weasel or hare carcass.