The Vacation Bathroom Remodel
I was out on vacation all last week, well not really a vacation. I spent the entire week remodeling the bathroom, doing all types of demo and repairs. More often than not whenever I'm on vacation, or take time off work I'm usually working on home improvement projects or wrenching on the tr…
Panera Bread is Coming to Lawton, Fort Sill
It won't be long now, the new Panera Bread in Lawton, Fort Sill is now under construction on Sheridan Road next to Raising Cain's Chicken and across from Walmart. They've gotten a good start, the outside walls are now in place and they're working on bricking and roughing in the i…
Say Goodbye to the Old Eisenhower Middle School!
Well it's officially the end of an era for Eisenhower Middle School here in Lawton. The Vikings have a new home and the old school is being torn down. Over the next several weeks construction crews will be doing demolition and hauling off all the debris.
Exclusive Look Inside the New Chick-Fil-A on Cache Road
We had the opportunity to go inside the new Chick-Fil-A on Cache Road in Lawton, OK. and get a sneak peek of what's to come. Owner/manager Jonathan Pickett invited us in for an exclusive look and we were all to happy to take him up on the offer. Good news! We got the official word today that th…
Chick-Fil-A On Cache Road Is About to Re-Open
The wait is almost over...Finally the new and improved Chick-Fil-A location on Cache Road in Lawton is about to re-open within the next few weeks. We're hearing it will be open early August, maybe as soon as the first week in August.
Lawton Chick-fil-A On Cache Road Is Almost Done
Chick-fil-A is rebuilding their Cache Road location. It's going quick and in no time we'll be back in the drive thru or dinning in. The new and improved Chick-fil-A is going to be awesome with more parking and a larger dinning facility. It's the wait that's getting to me and ever…
Starbucks Building West Side Location on 82nd Street
If you've been on the west side of town lately on 82nd street you've probably seen all the construction work going on in front of Target. We've been speculating what's being built and the rumors we've been hearing are true, it's going to be a new Starbucks.
Medicine Park Roadwork to Be Discussed at Open Forum
There will an open meeting tonight at the Medicine Park Community Center, 19001 Hwy 49, to discuss the Oklahoma Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration's joint planned improvement project for Hwy 58, between NW Wolf Road and State Highway 49.
Most Annoying Lawton Construction Projects
The new office colors of Lawton these days seems to be Orange, yellow and White. Most everywhere you look you see orange construction signs, flashing yellow lights or orange and white cones and barrels. Is Lawton turning into the construction capital of Oklahoma?