Oklahoma Minister Gets Thrashed for Allegedly Touching a Kid
A father caught a child predator touching his 9-year-old son and wasted no time thrashing him for it. He chased, tackled and may, or may not have thrown a few punches when apprehending the bad guy. Good for him! He's certainly earned that "World's Greatest Dad" coffee cup or t-shirt.
Do You Feel Safe Living In or Visiting Lawton, Fort Sill? [POLL]
It seems like we've had more than our fair share of shootings, stabbings, break ins, vehicle thefts and an apparent increase in overall violent crime and property crime in Lawton, Fort Sill lately. In the past few weeks I've had the same conversation over and over with friends, family and co-workers. A lot of people don't feel safe and are worried about our current crime rates. So how about you? Do you feel safe living or visiting Lawton, Fort Sill?
Sherin Mathews' Body Found
The body of Sherin Mathews, a toddler who went missing in Richardson, Texas, has been identified and the adoptive father of the girl has been charged in relation to her death.

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