Godzilla Vs Kong is Showing at the Vaska Theater in Lawton!
I have that entirely too damn excited, about to piss myself kinda feeling going on. We're talking virgin on prom night type anxious! The wait is officially over, we're finally going to see Godzilla Vs. Kong in all it's killer. kick butt, kauji glory! I've been waiting for this mo…
Godzilla Vs. Kong Official Movie Trailer
It's the one we've all be waiting for, a true clash of the titans of EPIC PROPORTIONS, get ready for Godzilla Vs. Kong! The official movie trailer just came out over the weekend on Sunday (01-24-21) and I can't wait until it hits the silver screen and HBO Max March 26th (03-26-21).
Godzilla Vs. Kong Gets New Release Date
I was all looking forward to seeing Godzilla Vs. Kong this November, but once again the release date has been pushed back by the studio. Originally it was going to be out in March of this year, then it was moved to November 20th and now it's been moved to all the way to May 21st 2021. We can al…