Governor Kevin Stitt

Oklahoma to Defy Federal Vaccine Mandates
Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt and state legislators wasted no time firing back at President Biden's new Federal vaccine mandate. The new Federal mandate was announced yesterday (09-09-21) and will affect around 80 million plus Americans.
Governor Stitt Hosts Cookout Under PETA sign in OKC!
Without a doubt Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt is the absolute coolest Gov. in the entire country! I'm just going to say it "Damn I'm proud of Oklahoma and our Governor!" Yesterday (05-12-21) Gov. Stitt hosted a quick cookout in OKC with local and area farmers, ranchers and grill …
Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt Tests Positive For COVID-19
Oklahoma governor Kevin Stitt is believed to be the first U.S. governor to test positive for COVID-19. It's another first for Oklahoma, just wish it was for something other than this. We all wish the governor well and so far his symptoms seem to be very mild.