Halloween Costumes

Last Minute Halloween Costumes
It's the middle of the work day and you still haven't got a costume picked out for Halloween tonight? With no time to go to the costume store here are some last minute costume ideas that you can find in your own closet or material around the house
You Will Not Believe the Most Googled Halloween Costume in Oklahoma
I am not sure that I have ever sat down and wondered what the most googled costume was in Oklahoma, but I will say that I was a bit surprised. I mean, who doesn't love the Batman, but he's not new, or trendy, or even that cool.  And not many men, or women for that matter can pull off that costume for goodness sakes...
10 Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Horse [PICTURES]
From dogs dressed as Darth Vaderto Elvis kitties, we can’t stop stuffing our four-legged friends into Halloween attire each October. Dog and cat costume parades are more popular than ever, and everyone from major pet supply companies like Petco to mom-and-pop Etsy dealers make a mint on adorable animal outfits. (Our pets, on the other hand, become more indignant with each passing fall).