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The “Halloween is Cancelled” Mini Movie
This hilarious parody video from YouTube channel Andrew Kasch has the one and only Micheal Myers from the Halloween movie franchise sadly walking around empty streets and neighborhoods on All Hallows' Eve. There's no one out and nothing to do, until he meets up with a neighborhood Karen.
5 Must Watch Horror Films For Halloween
Hard to believe in a few short weeks it'll be Halloween! Fall is officially here and the temperatures are getting cooler, soon we'll be celebrating "All Hallows' Eve." For me Halloween ranks right up there with Christmas. The decorations, candy, costumes, parties and of cour…
Netflix Unleashes Horrifying October 2020 New Releases
Netflix just released the full list of all the new movies, shows and original content they'll make available for October 2020. Of course there will be plenty of horror as we get ready to celebrate Halloween. Plus we'll finally get to see the follow up to of one of the best horror series on…