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‘Justice League 2’ Pushed Back to Make Room for ‘Batman,’ Zack Snyder Turns Attention to ‘The Last Photograph’
With all the heroes joining Batman and Wonder Woman (and Superman) in Justice League, plus almost all of them getting their own solo movies, it’s almost impossible to find room for them all. Warner Bros. recently did a bit of reshuffling with their slate of films, and pushed back the release of Justice League: Part 2, which until now had had a mid-2019 spot, to make room for Ben Affleck’s Batman movie. And now that Snyder has some free time on his hands, he’s turning his attention to Afghanistan war thriller The Last Photograph.
Time Warner CEO Says DC Films Have “a Little Room for Improvement”
So far, the DC cinematic universe hasn’t had a great start. With reviews of Man of Steel, and this year’s Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad leaning towards the negative, the folks in charge are trying anything they can think of to get their next few films in development back on track. Whether those fixes will actually work remains to be seen, but at least the movies’ lackluster performance is being noticed by those on the production side.
Ben Affleck Reveals Deathstroke Footage
There were a lot of rumors about perennial DC Comics bad guys Deathstroke the Terminator showing up in Suicide Squad. He’s gonna be in the movie! (He wasn’t.) He’s gonna be a hired assassin competing with the Suicide Squad! (He didn’t.) He’s the breakout character in the movie! (He wasn’t.) Scott Eastwood’s gonna play him! (He didn’t.) So, so many stories about this character who wound up not being in the movie at all, in any way.
The ‘Justice League’ Assembles in First Footage and Promo Photo From Comic-Con
Warner Bros. kicked things off pretty strong during today’s Comic-Con panel in Hall H, debuting a fantastic new trailer for the Wonder Woman solo movie, followed by a special sneak peek at Zack Snyder’s Justice League. In addition to screening footage from the first installment in the two-part film series, WB premiered an official photo featuring the full superhero lineup, giving us a better idea of what these characters will look like when they’re finally united.
New ‘Justice League’ Concept Art Brings Together the Big Six
When I was a kid reading Justice League comic books, the Justice League was kind of a weird group. By the mid-90s the group had splintered into different factions, with one team headquartered in America and another in Europe, and both teams were populated by B-list players like Maxima, The Ray, Black Condor, Blue Jay, and Blue Devil. Most of the classic Justice League heroes were off on their own adventures (or dead or injured). It was a huge deal when DC relaunched the book as JLA with just iconic DC characters: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, the Flash, and Martian Manhunter. This group was colloquially referred to as “The Big Seven.”
Jesse Eisenberg Confirms Lex Luthor’s Return in ‘Justice League: Part One’
Jesse Eisenberg’s wildly eccentric portrayal of Lex Luthor was certainly one of the more divisive elements of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but whether you loved or hated his take on the iconic Superman villain, you have to admit that the movie was never boring when he was on screen. And it looks like he’s not going anywhere anytime soon, as Eisenberg has confirmed that Lex Luthor will appear in Justice League — or at least Part One, anyway.
‘Justice League’ Promotes Ben Affleck to Executive Producer
In another bit of news that lends credence to the rumors of tension between Zack Snyder and Warner Bros., Ben Affleck has been officially promoted from mere Batman to Executive Producer-Man on Justice League. Snyder is currently in production on the film in London, having begun less than two weeks after Patty Jenkins wrapped principal production on Wonder Woman.
Zack Snyder Talks ‘Batman vs. Superman’ Surprise Ending, Assembling the Justice League
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice smashed box office records over the weekend, and while we wait for the dust to settle to see just how successful it will become, Zack Snyder has been opening up about a few key moments in the film. The divisive superhero epic offered a few cameos and surprises (and one very surprising cameo), including an ending that left some audience members shocked. It’s that particular plot development that Snyder addresses in his latest interview, which sheds some light on his future Justice League plans. Spoilers ahead!
Don’t Worry, ‘Justice League’ Won’t Be as Dark as ‘Batman vs. Superman’
As we speculated the other day, it’s possible that the negative reception to Batman vs. Superman could impact how Warner Bros. and director Zack Snyder proceed with Justice League. The two-part Justice League movie is currently scheduled to begin filming in three weeks, but it looks like Snyder and team have already made the decision to have their superhero crossover movie be less dark and more fun.
Critics Slam ‘Batman vs. Superman’, What Does This Mean For ‘Justice League’ Plans?
The first critic reviews of Batman vs. Superman hit the web last night and early word was…not kind. The film currently sits at 40% on Rotten Tomatoes. By comparison, the divisive Man of Steel had a 56%. Even The Amazing Spider-Man 2 had a 53% and that film was so bad it single-handedly killed a franchise. Our own critic, Matt Singer, called it a “a burdensome 150-minute slog” in his review. Other reviews have called it “an holy mess,” “a near-total drag” and “a deeply disappointing experience.” Perhaps most importantly though is this sentiment from GQ, which seems to be a recurring theme amongst negative reviews: “The wider problem is that [Batman vs. Superman] doesn’t make you want a Justice League film.” Studios are used to bad reviews, but if the overwhelming sentiment is that the Dawn of Justice doesn’t make you want to see Justice arrive, Warner Bros. has a supersized problem.

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