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Live From ScreenCrush, It’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ Secrets!
You know Saturday Night Live as a staple of late-night TV for decades. But did you know the show had a different title when it first debuted in the fall of 1975? SNL was originally called NBC’s Saturday Night, because at the time a different show was using the title Saturday Night Live. That show, hosted by Howard Cosell, lasted 18 episodes on ABC before it was cancelled. Soon after, SNL adopted the Saturday Night Live name, which is how it’s been known ever since. That’s just one of the facts packed into the latest episode of the ScreenCrush series You Think You Know TV?
Saturday Night Live Sends Message to The People of Paris [VIDEO]
For one of the few times in its 41 season history, Saturday Night Live kicked off an episode by straying from its normal comedic opening monologue or skit. Instead, the writers, producers and cast of the show decided to show its support for the city of Paris, the day after terrorist attacks killed 129.
State Farm Meets The Coneheads
In its 40 years as an staple every Saturday night, NBC's Saturday Night Live (originally NBC's Saturday Night) has created thousands of characters in an attempt to entertain an ever changing audience.
Will Forte Played an Amazing Prank on Kenan Thompson
Pranks! Wacky, silly, fun pranks! Destructive, horrible, embarrassing pranks. On last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, former Saturday Night Live star Will Forte reminisced about a prank he once played on co-star Kenan Thompson, a generally benign (but charmingly so) prank that saw him and Kristen Schaal playing around in Thompson’s dressing room when he wasn’t present and then sending him pictures of the mayhem. This is a classic prank. What could possibly go wrong?
SNL 40: Jimmy Fallon Recaps the After Party, With Lots of Name-Dropping
The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon might be prone to brief spats of name-dropping – hey, the guy knows a lot of people! – but on last night’s show, it was at least somewhat appropriate. Still recovering from Sunday night’s SNL 40 super special, Fallon was eager to share his recollections of the evening with his studio audience (and also Questlove, who was actually there, but who charitably recounted the whole evening with the giddy Fallon). There were a lot of people there!
Fans Trying Get Blake & Miranda on 'SNL'
Appearing on 'Saturday Night Live' is one of the biggest promotional coups any musician can score, especially in the coveted gig as host. The show mostly targets pop and rock audiences, but some country music fans have started an online campaign to get country's reigning couple, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, as the host and musical guest for an upcoming show.

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