Last week, blogger Sean Symons captured horrifying footage of a teen driver who crashed into the side of the road, then hit two oncoming cars, all while he was allegedly texting and driving.

According to his YouTube page, Symons called the police when he spotted the texting teen, then pulled out his camera to catch the teen in the act. The original video was reportedly handed over to the police as evidence, Symons said.

Police have yet to confirm whether the teen was actually texting and driving - but it's still a scary site nonetheless, especially when combined with the follow-up footage Symons posted on Tuesday. (It should also be noted that Symons was video taping and driving, which is a little ironic in itself.)

Check it all out below.

And if you're still considering texting the next time you get in the driver's seat, we've included a very effective PSA that should change your mind once and for all.

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