So what's it going to be, a real or artificial Christmas tree? That's the BIG DEBATE in Lawton, Fort Sill as people weigh in pros and cons while taking sides and declaring their choice as the absolute best. We've seen a lot of division in the country over the past couple of years, but this one could be the one that ends it all.

It's getting pretty heated as the debate rages on. It's not a war on Christmas, it's a war on Christmas trees! Specifically the aged old question: "What's better a real or artificial tree?" It's a question that's plagued mankind since the invention of plastic. Every year we go through this argument with the only benefit being fewer names on the shopping list due to hurt feelings and the inability to see a different point of view.

We all have our opinions and reasons on which we prefer and amazingly it's pretty evenly split. There are a few people, who are total psychos that actually like both equally. I've even met a couple of these people who go from real to fake trees every year, switching back and forth. That's absurd, pick a side already you maniac! So how about you? Do you prefer a real or artificial Christmas tree? Take the poll below and let us know:     

To be honest, I do like both but use an artificial tree at the house due to allergies. I love real trees but can't handle them being in the house. I have been known to have a real tree on the porch or back patio, but never in the house itself. I like the way they look and smell, so long as I can take a break from it to avoid itchy eyes and sneezing. So for that reason, in my opinion, artificial trees are better, just break out the Pine-Sol!

Some say it's better for the environment to use a real tree but if you use that same artificial tree for 5 or more years it kind of evens itself out. My last artificial tree lasted over 25 years and we just recently purchased a new one that will hopefully last just as long. So either way, real or fake, one isn't really that much better than the other when it comes to the environment. It really all comes down to what you prefer and your budget.

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