I remember when I first moved to Lawton, I was brand new to a town I'd never been to before, moving here from almost a thousand miles away. The first thing I did was snag a rental listing magazine from a gas station, and while it provided me with plenty of listings, it didn't clue me in on who were the best companies to rent from in town.

Luckily for us and anyone looking to make the move to Lawton in the future, that kind of information is now conveniently at our fingertips via the internet. As a bonus, instead of you having to dig through webpage after webpage looking for who the best rental agencies are, I've compiled a quick list of 2022's top reviewed companies to use as a quick reference.

If I were to move to Lawton Fort Sill from far off now, these are the companies I would contact to find a rental home since they're the highest-rated rent home agencies on Google.


  • 1

    Dismuke Property Management

    Coming in on top, Dismuke Property Management sports a perfect 5-star rating from reviews as old as four years.

    When you dive deeper into the company, those reviews are limited and there are only three of them. While that might send up red flags, you have to remember that it's usually those who've had a reason to complain that actually complain. A lack of negative reviews is just as important a detail to notice as a bunch of them.

    507 NW Sheridan Road
    Lawton, OK 73505

  • 2

    Heesun Stanfield, Re/Max

    Don't let the "Real Estate" title fool you, a lot of Lawton real estate companies manage rental property in town. Heesun Stanfield has earned a very good reputation through very high reviews, scoring an almost perfect 4.9-stars amid 30 total reviews.

    Alongside normal residential and commercial real estate, Heesun also does property management for rentals. It's worth taking the time to read the reviews on Google before reaching out to view the available listings.

    1701 NW Cache Road
    Lawton, OK 73507

    Pro-Tip: It's pronounced "Cash Road" and that address is the Re/Max building.

  • 3

    Maxwell Enterprises Real Estate

    Maxwell Enterprises may be somewhat old-school, not having a website and whathaveyou... but past tenants are please enough with the service they've left a long-standing 4.8-star review on Google.

    1201 W Gore Blvd, Suite C
    Lawton, OK 73501

  • 4

    William Nelson & Co

    Diving deeper into the Google reviews, William Nelson & Co has the third-highest score when it comes to rental houses and single-family homes.

    Sporting an impressive 4.6-stars, those that have rented from WN&C are overwhelmingly positive about their renter/landlord relationship. This should inspire the confidence that any issues that arise shall be taken care of in quick order.

    1305 W Gore Blvd
    Lawton, OK 73501

  • 5

    Pam & Barry's Team, Re/Max

    To be honest with you, it'd be impossible to have a chat with anyone about real estate or rentals in Lawton without a mention of Pam & Barry's Team. They're truthfully the biggest names in Lawton real estate.

    While they pride themselves on their service to home buyers and sellers, they also handle one of the largest rental management sides of that business in town. If you don't trust being the "biggest" to be equally among the
    "best,"  read the reviews you'll find on Google. 127 reviews, an average of 4.5-stars.

    3908 NW Elm Street, Suite 200
    Lawton, OK 73505

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