If you look at a map of Oklahoma, along the Southern Red River border, there's a place right in the middle that dips way down into Texas. This is called the Big Bend of the Red River. It's also home to Thackerville, a town known to all in North Texas for having a huge casino just over the border. Just outside of Thackerville, there's a place that rents cabins that has remodeled an old train caboose and outfit it to be just the place to call home for a weekend.

River of Love Cabins might sound really corny, but if you take a look at the photos, it honestly looks like a great place to turn off the world for a day or two.

First, click here to see the pic, the tell me honestly, how cool does that look?

Add in all the amenities you've come to expect in a vacation, and you're good to go. An awesome place to stay, things to see, something to do, and situated right on a state border. Tell me the hot tub isn't telling you "Now is the time to hop in and soak up the heat?" With nighttime temps still getting cold, stewing away in the night air with a beverage or two sounds like the most relaxing thing in the world you can do until the pandemic is deemed "over." Even after all this craziness comes to an end, how many people can say they've stayed in an ancient train caboose? It's one of the rare places on TripAdvisor with a perfect 5/5 rating with over a hundred reviews.

You have the link to their facebook above, here's the link to the official website if you're interested.

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