I get so tired of hearing people say "There's nothing to do in Oklahoma..." Honestly, we've been over this a thousand times... If you're bored living in Oklahoma, you are just a boring person. As much as I'd like you to just slowly digest those words in a existentially profound train of self-loathing thought, I'm generous enough to give you ideas of things to do, for instance...

There is a burger joint not far from Lawton that has been serving the same burger since 1938. How amazing is that? As much as I'd like to eat at a really old restaurant like the 348 year old White Horse Tavern in Rhode Island, I know it's hard to find "old" places like that in our great state. We're a young state. The earliest modern settlements only date back to the mid-1800's, and at that, the oldest eatery in the state is only 111 years old. (Cattleman's Steakhouse in OKC... neat place, meh steak) The burger joint I'm talking about here is Hamburger Inn in Ardmore. It's been in the same place since the mid-50's, and only because they built a new building and moved across the street from the OG Hamburger Inn location.

If history has taught me anything, odds are, a restaurant that old has one of two things going for it... Atmosphere and/or great food. While it's hard to find a place that has both, people swear the burgers are excellent off their grill.

So if you're bored, here's something to do. I will add really quick, they just closed their dining room to dine-in eating, but if you were going to have a tailgate picnic somewhere new and undiscovered by yourself, this would be the place to do it.

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