You know, I'm a charcoal guy. That doesn't mean I don't use the convenience of the gas grill from time to time, but charcoal is the tastiest way to cook steak, and the only way to grill in cold temps... but there are some shenanigans on high happening over at Kingsford, let the video show you proof that you're buying dirt.

As far back as I can remember, charcoal has been king in my family. Dad had one of those familiar Weber kettle grills growing up, and like most fathers, he fought to keep his charcoal lit. The answer back then was more lighter fluid, now we have those handy charcoal chimneys that get everything lit without the use of taste-changing fluid.

Just like my father before me, I have to constantly empty the ashes out of my grill. Now I've used natural lump charcoal, many different brands of briquets, and I've noticed over time, the briquets do leave you with more ash even though the total original weights were the same. So what gives?

I stumbled across this video. Channels name is Ave, he's Canadian and probably the smartest tool guy on the internet. While many won't approve of his language, it's a different country with different customs, and the information there is worth listening to the vernacular.

In testing, he measured out a specific amount of charcoal, burned it off, sieved and weighed what was left over, and to everyones disbelief, that back of Kingsford Charcoal Briquets is roughly 10% dirt. They are literally selling you dirt. Like it's said in the video, it's not even a 50/50 of it just naturally being on the tree when chipped up and pressed into those little squares... it's fill dirt that they spent money on to save a little selling to you. Now I'll be honest with you, it's not a complete shocker. Most companies do what they think they can get away with to squeeze more money out of your pockets, but this is high treason at the grilling station. And here's the funny thing, you can't even extract revenge by buying the competition.

I don't normally buy Kingsford unless it's on sale. Like the end of year 36lbs for $10 kind of sale, so normally I buy whatever is cheapest. Now I'm convinced that the cheaper stuff is more than likely contains the same, or logically, even more dirt in each briquet. It's enough to make a person want to claim that me too hashtag. Guess it goes to show, buying the more expensive natural lump charcoal might be the only way to go forward from here. I'm tired of buying and burning dirt. Back to the mesquite it shall be.

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