We don't have a whole bunch of World War II vets left in the world, and here's your opportunity to be a part of something awesome for a relative local. Meet Joe Cuba, a 99 year old Wichita Falls, TX man looking to hit his century mark in style... with 100 birthday cards to open and read. Though, lets be honest, it's going to be in the tens-of-thousands.


If you'd like to write some good words and drop a card in the mail in time for his March 2nd celebration, here are the details.

Joe Cuba
918 Midwestern Pkwy
Wichita Falls, TX 76302

At the time of this posting, Joe's viral birthday request had reached as far as Ohio, and my best guess is it'll keep traveling the world over in the next ten days.

If anything, you might pool your thoughts together at work and send him a little something. We'll be sure to follow up to see how the celebration went.

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